Home Type 4G Small Cell

J1S-LTE home-type small base station is suitable for LTE signal coverage in the indoor small environment, and has strong pertinence. The home broadband can quickly solve the problem of signal coverage optimization, it is with the built-in antenna, plug and play and fast optimization features for solving the no signal site quickly.

Home Type 4G Small Cell
Product Features
Product Number   J1S-LTE
Frequency range (Available) Support 5Mhz,10MHz, 15Mhz,20Mhz LTE FDD
Coverage range 500 m2
Max Radio Out power 100mW
User capacity per carrier RRC Connect User  32  RRC Active User 16
Networking Self-configuration & Self-optimization
Backhaul Method GE Port
Power Supply DC 12V Or POE48V
Power Consumption 10W
Operate Temperature -20~60℃
Operate Humidity <80%
IP Grade IP30
Size(H×W×D) 158mm(H)*161mm(W)*44mm(D)
Weight <0.5Kg
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