5G Active Antenna Solution

This solution is to solve this problem-5G wiring. As 5G working is ultra frequency, but most of the IBS device only supports below 2.7GHz frequency.  Meanwhile, 5g frequency loss is also high. Construct new wiring cost is also expensive and hard to install. Adapt this solution, only replace this existing ceiling antenna with our active antenna, no install new wire. Then it can make 5G coverage effect.

5G Active Antenna Solution
Product Features

5G Active Antenna Solution Block Diagram

Master Unit was installed in the RRU Room, and replace the existed passive ceiling antenna with Active Antenna. Therefore, there is no need to construct the 5G Wire.

5G Active Antenna Solution Product Appearance 

5G Active Antenna Solution Parameter

Item Master Unit Parameter
Frequency N78
Working Frequency 100~200MHz
Weight ≤8KG
Protocol 2G、3G、4G(Mono Carrier);5G(Dual Carrier);
Interface NR1(5G),NR2(5G) (RRU or pRRU signal source) 800-900MHz, 1700-2700 ANT Output, MODEM ,AC220 Power
Features Support NMS, and remote monitor each connect RU
Item Active Antenna Parameter
Frequency                 800-2700,3.4-3.6G (Accept Customize)
VSWR ≤1.5
Protocol 5G ( Dual Carrier)
Interface SMA
Features 2/3/4G+5G MIMO coverage can be achieved through frequency conversion and distribution all the way, support customization
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