5G Distribute Small Cell Pilot Site

Site Location:2nd and 3rd Floor of Guangzhou Tianyu Business Building

Building Site 2nd Floor RRU Location 3rd Floor RRU Location

Device Type Quantity
BBU (JX-5G-BU-26) 1
EU (JX-5G-EU-26) 1
RRU (JX-5G-RU-26) 14

After installing 5G distribute small cell, the download speed is 533mbps, and the upload speed is 142mbps.

After installing this 5G Pilot site, it passed these main test indexes, and China Mobile issued us the above satisfied test reports.

Item Details Result
Backhaul Performance Test IOT Test Pass
Access Performance Test SA Cell Access Performance Test Pass (100%)
Speed Test Upload and Download Speed Test Pass (142Mbps/533Mbps)
Voice Test VONR HD Voice Test Pass
EPS Fallback Test Pass
Shift Test Pico SA Cell Shift Between Macro Cell Pass
Capacity Test Maximum RRC Subscriber 384 Connect/carrier

125 Active/carrier

Actual Capacity Actual Support Subscriber 19 Subscribers Online for 90 days
Conformance and compatibility testing Mainstream core network and base station compatibility Support the Mainstream Core Network

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