5G pRRU Remote System

5G pRRU Remote System is focusing on solving the high cost, hard and slow to construct in indoor 5G coverage. As one 5G 4T4R pRRU can connect 8 items 2T2R RU, then it would be quicky in 5G construction. Meanwhile, it can achieve 4T4R split-level coverage, for example, the 2nd floor 2T2R signal can cover the 1st Floor, the 1st floor, mobile can achieve the 4T4R effect.

5G pRRU Remote System
Product Features

Application Background:

1.Don’t want to install 5g Pico RRU in each room for cost limit and want to use 1 or 2 items 5g Pico RRU to achieve one large building coverage (25000M2 ~90000M2). 2.The targe area 5G traffic is less than 3200 active users at the same time. 3.Don’t want to construct new IBS, but want to couple with the existed IBS. 4.Don’t want to construct two RF cables to reach 2T2R 5G coverage effect and only use one cable to reach 2T2R 5G coverage effect. It would be easy and quicky to construct 5G coverage with this solution.

5G pRRU Remote System Structure:

1.1 item 5G Pico RRU with 4 interfaces (4T4R) connect with 1 item 5G pRRU Remote System master unit. 2.This master unit will extended to 8 items interfaces of 2T2R, and connect with 8 items 5G pRRU remote system remote unit. 3.These remote units are similar as 2T2R 5G repeater and it can extend this 5G Pico RRU signal to cover the target area.

5G pRRU Remote System Block Diagram:

This system is designed for 5G Pico RRU to construct 5G indoor coverage fast and with lower cost. As 5G Pico RRU is around 23dBm, it cannot achieve large area coverage. This system solves this problem. It extends one 4T4R pRRU to 8 items 2T2R RU. Using 1 Pico RRU can make 1 building coverage. Time delay between direct transmit channel and converting channel is <200ns and frequency error< 0.0078ppm 

5G pRRU Remote System Split-floor 4T4R Coverage

Explanations: 1F is covering NR_1(conversion carrier) and NR_2 (direct carrier), 2T2R.  But the 2F is covered with NR_3 and NR_4, 2T2R. 2F NR_3 and NR_4 will also penetrate the floor and cover 1F. Therefore, it achieves the 4T4R coverage effect. In our pilot site, the floor attenuation is 20~30dB, it can achieve 30~50% 4T4R affection in the coverage area.

5G pRRU Remote System Product Picture

5G pRRU Remote System Parameter

Item Master Unit Parameter
Frequency 2.6G、3.4-3.6G (N78 accept customize)
Working Frequency 100~160M/200M
Weight 4KG
Protocol 5G (dual carrier)
Dimension 440*300*45mm
Interface SMA Type:12 item(4 input,8 output)
Input Power Range -15dBm--+15dBm
Output Power 3dBm
Power Supply AC220V
Features Support NMS, and remote monitor each connect RU.
Item Remote Unit Parameter
Frequency 2.6G、3.4-3.6G (N78 accept Customize)
Working Frequency 100~160M/200M
Weight 4.5KG
Protocol 5G (Dual Carrier)
Output Power 33dBm/carrier
Power Supply AC220V/DC48
Dimension 316*223*85mm
Interface N type: 2 (output )  SMA: 1 (input)
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