Connect with HUB, it support SFP fiber optical or 10G Ethenet Cable Port.


Product Features
l   Power supply: POE power supply or DC power supply l   Physical interface: debug port: 1G network port External connection port: 1 10G Ethernet interface l   Data transmission: 10G Ethernet (with shielded category 7 line) fronthaul, supporting CPRI / eCPRI protocol l   Long distance: the distance of the network cable is not less than 100m l   Transmission mode: 5G single mode: 4 receive and 4 send, and support 2 5G base station listening l   5G + 4G dual-mode: 5G channel 2 receives 2 transmissions, 4G channel 2 receives 2 transmissions and supports one channel of 4G base station listening and one channel of 5G base station listening l   Full-duplex mode: supports both FDD and TDD modes l   Supports bandwidth: it can support up to 4MHz channel 100MHz bandwidth and 5G channel 100MHz bandwidth l   Antenna: Support 5G internal antenna l   Operating time: MTBF> 200000H
Item Parameter
Working Frequency Standard Working Frequency:1805MHz-1880MHz、2515MHz-2675MHz、3400MHz-3500MHz and 3500MHz-3600MHz;Maximum Support:600 MHz ~ 6000MHz
Each Port Maximum Output Power 21dBm±2dB
Transmit off power <-89dBm/MHz
Output power control range 0 – 20dB with step of 1dB
Emission Meet 3GPP TS 38.104 of B)
EVM 64QAM < 5%;
256QAM <3.5%
Frequency Erro ±0.05ppm
Time Sync < 1us
Receive maximum input power -30dBm
Noise Figure < 5dB
LO leak >-38 dBc
Power Consumption 2 Channels :35W  4 Channels:45W
IG Grade IP30
Install Method Supports various installation methods such as wall mounting and ceiling mounting
EMC Comply with 3GPP TS 38.113 (2017-12), adopt joint grounding method, and can work normally when the grounding resistance is less than 10Ω
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