Indoor DAS Application Case-1600 Sqm Parking Lot
1.1. Site Overview

Chang’an West County is located at the intersection of Renmin Road and Huangjia Lane in Wuling District, Changde City. It is a residential building with an area of about 1,600 square meters. The basement garage is not equipped with IBS. As a result, the 3G voice call is poor and the call perception is very poor. The 4G network is basically offline, and the garage cannot meet the Internet access requirements. There is a lack of quick and effective solutions in the time-critical scenarios.

For such closed blind or weak coverage area scenarios, our company provides a “micro-cell division” multi-standard deep coverage solution. The pilot was constructed on June 5, 2018, and the equipment commissioning and commissioning were completed.

Floor plan and internal environment 2.1. Coverage Solution

A set of “Indoor DAS” (1 logarithmic periodic antenna + 1 Master unit + 1 Extension Unit + 4 Remote Unit + 4 omnidirectional ceiling antennas) is used to solve the 1600sqm underground garage.

Fix the outdoor directional antenna in the parking lot above the entrance, fix the MU on the bridge of the right side of parking lot entrance, install the EU at the position of the central parking lot , and then deploy 4 RUs plus terminal antennas at the central position of the parking lot which is to solve the weak signal coverage issues.

2.2.1 Site Test Result GSM­

Rxlevel sub :

Field test MS received signal from sector 1 of Changde Huiyuan Building, G-Wuling District, rxlevel sub value was -64dbm, no interference, no abnormal events。



EC/NO Picture:

The field test MS received the signal of sector _2 of Changde Huiyuan Building in W-Wuling District. No abnormal events and normal business.


RSRP Picture:

Field test UE occupied LFH-Changde Cigarette Factory Changde Cigarette Factory Union Trade Union-7 (Huangjia Lane) sector signal, the signal strength was between -65dbm to -95dbm, sinr was above 15db, and the uplink and downlink rates were normal.

The background query is that the noise floor of all the occupied base stations mentioned above is normal.


Indoor DAS Application Case-1600 Sqm Parking Lot
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