400MHz Fiber Optical Trunk Repeater

Tetra digital cluster fiber-optic straight-set station is mainly composed of a master unit, multiple remote units and network management systems. The master unit is located on the side of the base station and is connected to the base station via an RF interface. It converts the radio frequency signal received from the base station into the optical signal, which is transmitted by optical fiber to the remote unit, and at the same time converts the optical signal transmitted from the remote unit to the radio frequency signal to the base station. The remote unit is set in each signal coverage place, it near the end of the downstream signal transmitted by the photoelectric conversion after the amplification, through the leakage cable or antenna to complete the extended coverage of the digital cluster signal. At the same time, the leak cable or antenna received upstream signal for low noise amplification, and then through the electro-optical conversion through the same fiber to the near-end machine. Both the near-end machine and the remote machine have the monitoring function, and can be managed uniformly through the network management center.

400MHz Fiber Optical Trunk Repeater
Product Features
1 The perfect solution for TETRA digital cluster communication systems
2 All with a modular structure, easy and fast maintenance
3 High flexibility to meet the multiple requirements of the number and structure of the remote machine
4 The use of electrical division scheme, with strong extensibility, and can ensure upstream bottom noise
5 All-round multi-functional network management and monitoring for worry-free operation
6 Fiber-optic direct station transmission distance is far, loss is small

Master Unit

Remote Unit

Project Index Note
Downlink Uplink
Frequency range 380~385MHz 385~390MHz Accept Customize Frequency
Working bandwidth 5MHz Depending on the actual selection of bandwidth
Maximum output power 10W: 40dBm;; -10dBm 土2dB
ALC Range 10dB
Gain 50土3dB 50土3dB
Gain adjustment range / step 0-10dB total error ≤ ±1dB; 10-20dB total error ≤ ±1dB; > 20dB total error ≤  ±1.5dB 30dB / 2dB
Fluctuation 3dBp-p Within the effective bandwidth
VSWR ≤1.5:1
Intermodulation -45dbc
Out-of-band suppression Deviating from the edge of the working band 10MHz≥70dB
Maximum input power 0 dBm -30dBm
AGC Range 20dB
Noise figure Not required 5dB
Inside the stray belt: Out-of-band: (9KHz to 3GHz) -36dBm/30KHz -36dBm/30KHz
Group Time Dying Bulk Delay <10μs (channel bandwidth 100KHz)
Group delay distortion <200ns/25KHz
Power 220V AC-10%
Power 130w Max
MTBF 50000Hrs
Chassis Master unit with19"1U standard chassis, remote unit with cast aluminum chassis
Temperature range Master Unit: 0~+55℃ Remote Unit: -25~+55℃
Input and output interface RF N (Female), Fiber FC/APC
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