Signalwing Corporation was established in 2011 and is a world-leading provider in RF communication products and wireless RAN solutions. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production of wireless communication equipment such as wireless repeater, fiber optic repeater, 4G small base station, 5G distributed/integrated small base station, 5G base station network management, gateway, UPF, MEC, base station code detection and base station positioning, etc. It Headquarters in Shenzhen Fuhai International Science and Technology

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Digital Repeater
Digital repeater use the software defined radio (SDR) technology to transfer the mobile signals into digital numbers of 0 and 1, So that the signals can be processed in the digital mode. Compared with the analog repeaters, SDR not only is able to improve The cell enhancement performance, but also strengthen and add more functions to the repeaters. SDR enables the future Networks to work on a single hardware platform, and realize the systems of different frequencies and more functions simple by Software, which in a long run will make the systems more flexible, easier and quirkier to implement without cost increase.
5G Active Antenna Solution
This solution is to solve this problem-5G wiring. As 5G working is ultra frequency, but most of the IBS device only supports below 2.7GHz frequency. Meanwhile, 5g frequency loss is also high. Construct new wiring cost is also expensive and hard to install. Adapt this solution, only replace this existing ceiling antenna with our active antenna, no install new wire. Then it can make 5G coverage effect.
5G Booster System
5G booster system developed from 5G active antenna solution. This solution would not change the existed 2G/3G/4G solution, not even replace the ceiling antenna, only install a 5G booster in the target coverage area. Then it can achieve 2T2R 5g coverage effect.
Digital Fiber DAS
Digital fiber DAS is much more than replacing coax with fiber, the core network (MU and EU) will only deal with signal processing and convert RF signals to fiber signals and transmit over fiber with very small loss and no increased noises, while output power function goes to remote units (RU). Thus it is a flat network structure that changes the very strong single source of coax DAS to multiple remote units with small power. Each remote unit acts as a signal source for specific areas.
5G pRRU Remote System
5G pRRU Remote System is focusing at solving the high cost ,hard and slow to construct in indoor 5G coverage. As one 5G 4T4R pRRU can connect 8 items 2T2R RU, then it would be quicky in 5G construction. Meanwhile it can achieve 4T4R split-level coverage, for example, 2nd floor 2T2R signal can cover 1st Floor, then 1st floor, mobile can achieve 4T4R effect
HyXG O-RAN Solution
From 4G to 5G Smoothly
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In 2021, Signalwing has gained 8 patents including 1 invention patent and 7 design patents.  It is one of the impressive years for Signalwing. 1 item Invention Patents: A SUL-based URLLC Service Uplink Transmission Method 7 items Design Patents: Design Pat...
Currently, all our repeateres can be remoted connected with our IP Server based NMS via Ethernet cable or Text Message. It is easy to remote control the site at any place. Just type the website address or the IP address. And login with the name and code to ...
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