Digital Fiber DAS Application Case-160,000Sqm Coverage

The overall coverage of the Golden Waterfront Urban Community (China Telecom CDMA + LTE + Unicom WCDMA + LTE Cellular Signal )

Golden Waterfront is a commercial and residential community is a building area of 150,000 square meters. After testing, indoor China Telecom and Unicom wireless signals have extremely poor coverage, and indoor distribution systems need to be introduced. Considering that the operators of this site, Telecom and China Unicom, both have wireless network coverage requirements, and the traditional coincident coverage cost is too high, and the construction period is long, this site introduces China Unicom’s Fiber DAS, while solving telecommunications CDMA + LTE and China Unicom WCDMA + LTE coverage, and there is no interference between the signals of the two operators. On the premise that the coverage meets the requirements, the overall construction cost has been saved by 30%, and both operators are very satisfied.

Site Picture Coverage Solution Device Install Picture

Network optimization test results after the launch of the optical fiber distribution system-Telecom CDMA

After testing, the ratio of Total Ec / Io> =-12dB is 91.86%, and the overall pilot signal strength is good。
 After testing, the ratio of RxAGC> =-95dBm is 99.58%, and the overall index is good.
 After testing, the proportion of FFER <3% is 99.69%, and the overall index is good.
 After testing, the ratio of TxAGC <0dBm is 98.56%, and the transmission power index of the mobile phone is good.

Network optimization test results after the launch of  fiber distribution system-Telecom FDD-LTE

After testing, the average RSRP value is -75.36dBm, and the overall signal strength is good

After testing, the average SINR value is 26.78dBm, and the overall signal-to-noise ratio is good

After testing, the average download rate is 71.7mbps and the average upload rate is 41.4mbps. The coverage and telecommunications LTE upload and download are in the range of production.


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