Finance Supervisor

1, responsible for the improvement of the financial system and the implementation of the company’s financial and tax work to guide the implementation of the company’s leadership in a timely manner to make financial reporting and make practical advice and financial guidance;

2, responsible for the cost of the company, the cost of sales and profit accounting, the provision of various types of taxes payable for tax;

2, regularly check the current accounts, timely liquidation receivable payable;

3, the completion of the preparation of accounting documents, audit, accounting and reporting of relevant financial reports and statements, truthfully reflect the company’s financial activities,

To complete the formalities, the content is true, accurate data, clear accounts, scheduled to report;

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, major in finance or accounting;

2, financial supervisor work experience is preferred;

3, familiar with the accounting statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, skilled use of financial software;

4, good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability;

5, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, team spirit.

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