Medium Power Digital Repeater

J3D digital repeater are designed for installer and operaters It is with SDR technology, the system can easily adjust the sub-band and the channels to adapt the requirement using software without any change on the hardware.Digital ADC \ DAC plus FPGA is used as the main chip design.

The digital filters enable repeaters to have over 60dBc out of band rejection.

Medium Power Digital Repeater
Product Features
1 Frequency is adjustable and tuneable
2 0-25mhz for each suband
3 Each bands support 3 maximum sub-bands
4 Support individual gain adjustment of each subcarrier 0-30dB / 1dB
5 Over 60dBc out of band rejection
Frequency range (Available support single dual tri different bands/system combinaiton) CDMA800(824-849/869-894)/CDMA1900(1850-1910/1930-1990)/EGSM900(880-915/925-960)DCS1800(1710-1785/1805-1880) WCDMA(1920-1980/2110-2170) PCS(1850-1910/1930-1990) /TDD2300(2300-2370)/TDD2500
Max. Gain 70dB/75dB
Max. Output Power 17dBm/20dBm/23dBm
Sub-band 3 Sub-bands (each sub-band bandwidth is 0-25mhz)
AGC control range ≥25dB
In-band Ripple ≤6dB
Max. Input Power Without Damage ≤0dBm
Noise Figure ≤ 7 dB
Group delay time ≤ 6μs
VSWR ≤ 1.5
Third-order Inter-Modulation ≤-40dBc Max
Spurious Emission 9kHz~1GHz: ≤ -36dBm/30kHz 1GHz~12.75GHz:≤-30dBm/30kHz
Power Consumption ≤ 65 W
Power Supply Input AC100~ 240V Output 9V/10A
Alarm Monitoring System Alarm for uplink self-oscillation
Indication LED Power supply, AGC, Isolation
Operating temperature -10 ~ +50 °C
Application Indoor (IP30)
Mechanical Specifications
Connectors type N-Female
Weight ≤ 8.5 kg
Dimensions(without connectors) 350*270*140mm
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