J3I Single Band Series 20~27dBm Medium Power Industrial Repeaters

J3I series Repeater Band Selective offer is  not only  with elegant versatile design of appearance but also with  contribute outstanding performance for indoor coverage problem solution. It amplifies signals between a mobile and a BTS for indoor applications where are located in shadowing areas blocked by obstructions or impediments.

The J3I series Repeater Band Selective provides a perfect solution to satisfy operators demands for variable band selections of GSM, CDMA or 3G system and various bandwidths are available as well.

It is a traditional repeater with RF N female connectors, mostly used in indoor distribution system to be connected wiht more than one antenna for optimal coverage.

Recommended coverage sizes:1) J3I-20: 500~1000 squae meters. 2). J3I-23: 1000~1500 Sqm. 3). J3I-27: 1500~2500 Sqm.

Intermediate SAW filter technology for very sharp out of band rejection to amplify only specific operators’s signals and reject all the others.

Band selective with Out of Band Gain function will simply enable less noise or suppress interference from operators frequency band.

Manual gain control (MGC) available for both uplink and downlink to adjust the gain value for proper coverage during installation or maintance.

To maintain safe and specific output signal levels and give alarms on self-oscillation, the repeater has built-in AGC and ALC circuits, which can automatically control the gain of the repeater depending upon the strength of input signals.

Auto shut off design available for both uplink and downlink to avoid serious interference to network effectively when the repeater is in deep self-oscillation of very strong input power.

The repeater can be locally and remotely monitored and controlled through its integrated software circuit, remote control software of both local NMS and NMS in Server. NMS can be connected with its upper level software throught SNMP. (Optional).

System status is clearly visible by LED indications. Repeater configuration and alarm are able to be forwarded to control center for technicians monitoring.

J3I Single Band Series 20~27dBm Medium Power Industrial Repeaters
Product Features
1 Antenna isolation testing
2 Automatic gain control
3 Intelligent mode setting
4 Uplink sleep mode
5 Prevent the oscillation
6 Cost-effective for practical solutions
7 Low interference
Product Number    Single System/Band Model No. J3I-EGSM/WCDMA/DCS/LTE-20/23/27
Frequency range (Accept Customize frequency) CDMA800(824-849/869-894)/CDMA1900(1850-1910/1930-1990)/EGSM900(880-915/925-960)DCS1800(1710-1785/1805-1880) WCDMA(1920-1980/2110-2170) PCS(1850-1910/1930-1990)
Max. Gain 80db/85dB
Max. Output Power 25dBm
AGC control range >25dB
In-band Ripple ≤6dB
Max. Input Power Without Damage ≤0dBm
Noise Figure ≤ 7dB
Group delay time ≤ 5μs
VSWR ≤ 2.0
Third-order Inter-Modulation ≤-40dBc Max
Spurious Emission 9kHz~1GHz: ≤ -36dBm/30kHz 1GHz~12.75GHz:≤-30dBm/30kHz
Power Consumption ≤ 45W
Power Supply Input AC100~ 240V, Output DC 9V/10A (CE Approved)
Alarm Monitoring System Alarm for uplink self-oscillation
Indication LED Power supply, AGC, Isolation
Operating temperature -10 ~ +50 °C
Application Indoor(IP30)
Mechanical Specifications
Connectors type N-Female
Weight 3.5kg-5.5kg-8.0 kg
Dimensions(without connectors) 190*296*76mm/319*296*76mm
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