J5I-DI 43dBm High Power, 100dB Gain ICS Repeater

J5I-DI Is ICS repeater. It is used for GSM, DCS, or WCDMA signals coverage extension especially for outdoor applications.

The ICS Repeater is able to cancel the real time multi-path feedback signals by using the digital signal processor technology and avoid the interference due to insufficient isolation.

With 25 dB of isolation cancellation capability, the service antenna and the donor antenna can be installed on the same medium size tower with a short vertical distance. Therefore, the application of RF outdoor repeater would become much easier and cost-effective.

These units can be applied to outdoor environments where high towers are not available. For example, highway areas, tourist spots, and Resorts.With the small size it can be concealed with no difficulties and the whole system can be camouflaged easily, compare to the BTS/Node B, therefore it becomes an important solution for the strongly protested areas.

J5I-DI 43dBm High Power, 100dB Gain ICS Repeater
Product Features
1 25 dB Isolation Cancellation
2 Support OMT/ OMS remote control
3 Low interference
WCDMA Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range 15Mhz tunable with Central Frequency among whole WCDMA band  15Mhz tunable with Central Frequency among whole WCDMA band
Bandwidth(-3dB) 14.4MHz
Maximum Gain 95±3dB 100±3dB
Gain Flatness ≦5dB
Out of Band Gain 2.7≦f_offset<3.5MHz <60dB
3.5≦f_offset<7.5MHz <45dB
7.5≦f_offset<12.5MHz <45dB
12.5≦f_offset <35dB
Output Power 30dBm±2dB total output power 43dBm±2dB total output power
ACRR 45dBc/30KHz@±5MHz 45dBc/30KHz@±10MHz
50dBc/30KHz@±10MHz 50dBc/30KHz@±10MHz
Frequency Stability ≦±0.01ppm
Error Vector Magnitude ≦ 12.5%
Peak Code Domain Error ≦-35dB@Spreading Factor 256
Manual Gain Control 31dB in step of 1dB
ICS Funticon Isolation≥Gain+15dB
Automatic Gain Control ≧25dB
Max. Input Power Without Damage ≧0dBm
Noise Figure ≦6dB
VSWR ≦1.5
Group Delay ≦ 8μs
Power Consumption ≦ 250W
Power Supply AC 110/ 220 V, 50/ 60 Hz
Mechanical specification
Dimensions 453.6*357.8*159.7 mm
Weight ≤ 25 kg
I/O Connector/ Impedance N-Female / (Nominal) 50Ω
Environmental specification
IP Rating IP65
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
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