Qua-band Series Consumer Repeater

As to provide the cheap solution to consumer for amplifying all the cellular signal of all operators in all different different band. We introduced a qua-band consumer repeater. It can cover 900,1800, 2100, 2600. or the other different bands combination.

Qua-band Series Consumer Repeater
Product Features
1 Two signal ports with full duplex design
2 High system gain
3 Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ensures output level stable and adjustable continuously
4 Unique color LEDs to indicate power supply and statue and alarm
5 Simple installation with external AC/DC adapter
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Frequency      Band 1 -WCDMA 1920~1980MHz 2110~2170MHz              
                       Band 3  LTE/DCS 1710~1785MHz 1805~1880MHz
                       Band 5  LTE 824-849MHz 869~894 MHz
                       Band 40 TD-LTE 2300~2400MHz
Maximum Working Bandwideth 60MHz
Output Power 13±2dBm 17±2dBm
Maximum Gain 60±3dBm 65±3dBm
AGC control ≧25dB ≧70 dB
Ripple in band Pass Band Ripple p-p.≦8 dB
Noise figure ≦7.0dB
VSWR ≦2.0
EVM ≦12.5%
Max. non-destructive input power 10dBm 10dBm
Environmental data
Operating temperature range -10 ºC to +40 ºC
Storage temperature range -40°C to +85°C
Relative humidity 5% - 85%
Ingress protection Indoor(IP40)
  Mechanical data
Dimensions(L*W*H) 340*270*120mm Reference
Weight ≤ 5.6 kg
Power supply Input AC 220±20%V 50Hz±10%, output DC9V / 5A
Power consumption rating ≤ 45W
RF Connectors type 2 x N-Female
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