800MHz Tetra Fiber DAS Repeater

Tetra Fiber DAS was used in tunnel and metrol station communication coverage.

Product Features
1 MU can connect 2-4 sets RU without the use of optical power dividers;
2 19-inch standard cabinet, depth is not greater than 550mm, height is not greater than 4U
3 Power power is not greater than 300W, power cord length is not less than 2m
4 Fiber optic connector using FC/PC,up and down common
5 The network management interface uses RJ45, the standard Ethernet interface
6 RF interface adopts N-F interface, shared by uplink and downlink
1. Chart of working principle



2. Chassis Appearance  


Outdoor RU

Indoor RU

3. Technical parameters

Serial number Project Technical parameters
Downlink Uplink
1 Frequency range (Accept to customize Tetra 400MHz) 851MHz-866MHz 806MHz-821MHz
2 Maximum output power 37±2dBm -10±2dBm
3 Maximum gain 50±2dB 50±2dB
4 Gain adjustment range/step length 30dB/1dB
5 Gain adjustment error Gain at 0 to 20dB, the error is 1dB, and at 21 to 30dB, the error is 1.5dB
6 Noise figure / ≤5dB
7 Maximum allowable input level 10dBm -10dBm
8 Automatic Level Control (ALC) At the maximum power, the input is increased by another 10dB, the output power change is less than 2dB, and when the input signal level exceeds 10dB, the output power is kept within the maximum output power of .2dB or the output is turned off. The control range is 20dB.
9 Within-band fluctuations ≤3dB
10 Input/output voltage station ratio ≤1.5
11 Delay ≤5μs
12 Frequency error ≤5×10-8
13 Stray launch Inside the working band ≤-50dBc/30kHz或≤-36dBm/3kHz
Out-of-work band ( (off-line working band edge 2.5MHz) ) 9kHz~1GHz:≤-36dBm
14 Intermodulation attenuation Inside the working band ≤-50dBc/30kHz ≤-50dBc/30kHz
Out-of-work band ( (off-line working band edge 2.5MHz) ) 9kHz-1GHz:--36dBm/100kHz
15 Light reception sensitivity ≤-15dBm
16 Light wavelength 1310nm/1550nm
17 Optical power 3±2dBm
18 Light transmission distance ≥20km
19 The number of near and far ends is ratio 1 todrag 4 as needed
20 Rf connection N/F,50
21 How light is connected FC/PC
22 Power supply Near-end machine: AC220V . . . 20%, 50 to 5Hz; Remote machine: AC220V , 50 x 5Hz;
23 Power Near-end machine: s20W; Remote machine: s180W;
24 Protection level Near-end: IP40 Remote machine: IP65
25 Dimensions Near-end machine: 483 x 310 x (L x W x H)88mm Indoor remote machine: 483 x 400 x (L x W x H)180mm Outdoor remote machine: 453 x 357 x (L x W x H)160mm
26 Weight Near-end machine: 8kg Indoor remote end machine:25kg Outdoor type remote machine: 25kg
27 Monitoring Local monitoring: RS232; Remote monitoring: Ethernet
28 MTBF 50000h
  Please Download Tetra Fiber DAS Data Sheet
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