Warmly Congratulate SignalWing Winning 5 Patents in 2020

Recently, our company has been awarded 5 patent certificates, including 4 invention patents and 1 appearance patent. See below:

Patent name: A kind of antenna support clamping mechanism for micro-base station communication equipment  patent No. : ZL 2018 1 0922446.8

Patent name: A TD-LTE digital jammer patent No. : ZL 2019 2 1589923.x

Patent name: Converged communication terminal appearance design patent patent No. : ZL 2019 3 0390464.1

Patent name: Circuit and data transmission device with RS485 base on RS232 electric level (electronic signature certificate) (1) Patent No. : ZL 2019 2 1586758.2

Patent name: A low-cost digital repeater (electronic signature certificate) patent No. : ZL 2019 2 1585819.3


We SignalWing always respect intellectual property rights, technical innovation always been our technical reform principle, in the past year, we constantly upgrading technology to intensify the protection of intellectual property rights,winning these patent certificate are not only beneficial to improve the intellectual property protection system and take advantages of our independent intellectual property, but also enhancing our core competitiveness. We will vigorously deepen product reform, focus on strengthening the intellectual property rights protection and application, accelerate product innovation and promote achievements transformation.


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